About Us

Coquette: Someone who strives to be bold, confident, and flirty.

Chronicles: A story of genealogy or a description of events in the order that they happened.

If eyes are the windows to the soul, Coquette Chronicles aims to make those windows as flirty and bold as possible. We empower women by highlighting their features though innovative luxury cosmetics in order to gain the confidence needed to tackle whatever comes next.  

With every product we add to our ever-expanding cruelty-free cosmetic line, our goal remains the same: to make women of all ages look and feel their best, and be proud of the looks that are sure to come their way!  

We specialize in real mink lashes that make for some of the most natural-looking false eyelashes around. The fibers for these lashes are collected humanely and do not harm the animals, so you can have gorgeous lashes without the guilt! We also offer “brush on lash extensions” that use green tea fibers to make your lashes appear longer and fuller with just the flick of the wrist. Find out just how much potential your lashes have when you shop our fiber mascara, collagen mascara, and natural mink lashes today!  

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