Lash Collection Mink, Silk & Faux Mink

These gorgeous mink & Silk  falsies are 100 percent hand-tied, making them last for 20-25 wears with proper care — talk about reusable eyelashes! These lashes are made from genuine mink fur which is obtained by brushing the animal during shedding season and is later sterilized. This means you get high-quality, real mink lashes while still choosing a cruelty-free cosmetic brand.

Be good to these mink lashes and they’ll be good to you! Handle gently and remove them from their tray with tweezers, and trim them to fit your eyes if needed. To apply your mink falsies, apply a thin layer of lash adhesive to the lash band and wait a few seconds for the adhesive to set. Then, press your natural mink lashes close to your lash line and hold for a few seconds. Gorgeous natural looking false eyelashes have never been so amazing! Use our mink lash kit (includes latex-free adhesive and application tweezers) for the best results.

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