Lash Adhesive

Coquette Chronicles Lash Adhesive is a latex free gentle lash glue. We recommend using our formula for our lashes to ensure longer wear and multiple uses of each lash. Non irritating and can be used for persons wearing contact lenses. 

To apply, carefully paint a thin and generous amount of product along the base of the lash band. ( Make sure lashes have been trimmed and fitted as desired ) . The product will look opalescent, let sit for 30 seconds and the glue will start turning clear and sticky. Now the lashes are ready to be applied. Align each false lash over the natural lashes and gently press so that the band is firmly attached.

Use a non oily makeup remover when tacking off lashes. Store lashes back in box to preserve shape. Gently remove excess glue build up from lash band.

Flush eyes with water if glue accidentally gets into eyes.










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